For those of you who aren’t aware of Italian millionaire Gianluca Vacchi, hop onto Instagram and you’re welcome! Mr.Vacchi is constantly seen partying it up with exotic super models or cruising through azure waters to private island parties in one-of-a-kind yachts, when he isn’t working on his Men’s Health worthy physique that is. Oh, and let’s not forget his Dj-ing gigs across some of the world’s party capitals like St. Tropez and Ibiza. Mr.Vacchi has the life most people can only dream of, and his 11.1 million social media followers (yours truly included) can attest that his life, is something we enjoy keeping up with. So, what happened when news was released last week that the millionaire has assets seized worth 10.5 million Euro in debt?


Google his name now, and you’re flooded with parodies, tweets and various columnists talking about his ‘demise’ from social stardom to public joke. Why? All because this man, who was a consistent source of entertainment and some might even say ‘inspiration’ was suddenly rendered human? Because he was touched by the dreaded four letter word that has touched so many of us? Debt, is no laughing matter as I’m sure most of you know first-hand, it can destroy families and cripple relationships not to mention the physiological effects on a person’s character. Why then did a giant portion of all these followers and admirers quickly light their torches and blaze Twitter in a series of memes, gifs and other toxic rants?

Gianluca Vacchi

Because people are quicker to celebrate the fallen than they are to award the victor, ‘knocking someone off their pedesta’l is a phrase for a reason. Mr.Vacchi, is the heir to the IMA group which specializes in industrial packaging and pharmacy, which according to The Independent is run by his cousins and pays him 5million Euro a year. He is an heir, meaning his family worked twice as hard to ensure their empire meant its future generations wouldn’t have to worry about something as ephemeral as money, bipolar bosses and paying rent. Doesn’t that buy him the right to live however he pleases? Why does the thought of someone else being happy affect us so? Why is it we can’t simply be happy for someone else’s success? These are the real questions, because at the end of the day, Mr.Vacchi will no doubt bounce back from his debt, but if you’re one of the people mentioned about who participated in this public shaming, what does it truly say about you?


In a time when Youtubers and bloggers are earning millions and overnight sensations are common place, there is room enough for everyone at the top. If you have a dream- make it happen. Whether you’re in finance, business, design etc, you are the creator of your own destiny and only you can affect its outcome. I’ve always believed that the success of a fellow entrepreneur or the net worth of a social media has no effect on my life. Because I have my own plan and path to travel. Money and success are the product of hard work and playing your cards right, but envy will only stunt your growth and cost you your eternal happiness.


So take a moment today, to scroll onto Mr.Vacchi’s page and be inspired, because that life you want, whether it’s partying in Ibiza or buying another summer home, is really achievable and social media should serve as you inspirational tool as opposed to a hindrance. At least, that’s what this little writer believes..


Gianluca Vacchi and Social Media

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The Passenger Seat

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I am a proud 27 year old non-driver. Why? I’ve just never been into the vroom-vroom engine sound or found a burning desire to get behind the wheel. Some of you are most probably thinking I’ve never tried it, I have, in fact I spent a $1000 dollars going for the first half of my lessons and never went for the final, meaning if I ever do decide to pick up driving again, I have to ‘cough up the dough’, so to speak.


But with driving being considered the gateway to freedom for most teenagers and adults, one has to wonder, in a tax free city like Dubai where you can catch a taxi or a VIP Uber in less than a minute, how relevant is the ability to drive for the modern man? And how is said ability a reflection on our masculinity?

I remember never being into toy cars or action figures the way most little boys are, I also remember vowing to drive the moment I turned 18, though clearly my views changed as I grew older. Primarily because I like doing things in my own time. But how often do you get the ‘oh you don’t drive’ look from family and friends? in my case way too much! I do think in most relationships there is this unspoken rule that if my man can’t drive, what kind of man is he? Several girlfriends of mine have cancelled potential dates or tapped BLOCK, the instant they discover that a potential partner doesn’t carry that little card. This reinforces a misconstrued notion that men are the ones with the power and simultaneously cracks the fine veneer of modern feminism, why should I drive when my man does? If it is okay for a woman to take that stance, then why not a man? We wouldn’t bat an eyelash if a woman says she doesn’t drive but god forbid a man says the same. Most men themselves are also just as quick to question another man’s success by his inability to drive.


The double standard exists, but I’m sure most of you would argue that most men love cars and love to drive and that my sexual orientation is said-reason for my disinterest. I beg to differ, in fact I love a good Lambo, or a classic Rolls-Royce, but that doesn’t mean I’m clambering to get my license to drive one. And yet I’m constantly being judged for it. You can see people assume you’re entitled or full of it the moment you say you don’t drive, but the reality is owning a car is just as expensive. Petrol, SALIK( Electronic Fee Barriers In Dubai), servicing and tire changes all accumulate to a pretty hefty amount.

So why is it so baffling to fathom that a successful man with a budding career would opt to choose a fine air-conditioned, leather fitted interior of a Lexus or hop onto the tram, as opposed to having to deal with traffic and crazy drivers after a hard day’s work? Because the same majority that believe women shouldn’t work after marriage are the same people that believe all men should know how to fix broken TV’s and overheated engines while vigorously avoiding the kitchen; because that of course is a women’s domain.


In a time when new job titles are being created to accommodate the electronically savvy and luxury cars are just a tap and swipe away, why are men still held to this antiquated ideal of masculinity? The reality is a growing number of men today can’t change light bulbs or intrinsically know what’s wrong with a car and that’s alright because being a man is about so much more than your ability to navigate metal on four wheels, and if you’re surrounded by people that think otherwise all you need to do is shift gears.