How do you tackle everyday as a creative person? Do you have a side project, do you work a fulfilling job – do you paint?? Questions; life is full of them. But the most important questions aren’t the ones that get thrown your way by all those annoying relatives, friends who mean well or even your spouse, they are the questions you ask yourself.

How you start everyday and how you spend every minute of that day is solely in your power. Yes most of us do work day jobs (sometimes not in the most pleasant of circumstances) but what truly gets you through it? I for one have the same dream I’ve had since I was a chubby 5th grader who sketched dresses on is notepad; and you guessed it my dream has always been to be a designer. Though that word itself has quite a bit of muck surrounding it these days. It seems to be the fall back profession for everyone with a golden spoon up their bums but let’s be real, for those of us that toiled away stitching our own grad collections and are still paying off student loans it is a daily struggle. But that’s what will make the rewards that much sweeter no? The thought of knowing that you earned every bit of luxury you will enjoy in the years to come?

For those of you that don’t know I started a small clothing brand called Avastave, and it is my baby – a baby that consistently needs a healthy dosage of cash-flavoured elixir. But, one step at  a time. Always remember that you are only in competition with yourself. Marketing schemes and pr agencies should for the most part be left to the large-scale co-operation. In stead focus on building a fan base and a strong brand identity. All of the things I try to do while juggling my career as a fashion writer. Each day that I take the subway train and every car ride or outfit I buy myself with my own money, all of it adds up, it adds up to experiences, minutes, seconds, moments all of which make up 365 days of the year.

Let your life be worth something bigger, allow yourself to dream bigger because no matter where you come from there is always room in this world for the dreamers, the people who have the chops to visualize a better future and then go out there and work everyday for it. You might feel like you aren’t making progress and I’ll be honest some days I sit here like why am I doing this? But you know why, because when you have passion and when you love something it becomes your reality. Always remember that yet another day is a chance to work that much harder for a future that is all the more brighter. D


Another Day

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New Beginnings

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How funny it is to feel as if you longer relate to the person you use to be? I say ‘funny’ but what I really mean is grown. As anyone in their late twenties can attest to, evolving is a sign of growth and growth; is a sign of success. Coming from  a little island country known as Sri Lanka, located just four hours away from Dubai where I’ve grown up and call a ‘home-away-from-home’ its strange to see how my life has changed.

Coming from a middle class background and slowly but surely working on changing that( I still am) I’ve was lucky enough to be able to attend and graduate with honours from the fashion design university of my choice due to the support of my wonderful parents but that was back in 2010. Fast forward to now and not only am I working for a luxury Middle Eastern fashion publication but I’m trying to successfully launch my legacy; my brand, Avastave. For anyone whose known me that is one dream that I have always pursued and so I continue every day, to work towards it. As they say when its your passion, it never really feels like work. Though it is – a lot of work!


I wanted to have a great launch on this new platform but sometimes I thinks its best to keep things simple and play to your strengths and mine clearly isn’t website design, But my thoughts, much like the ones I’d post on my older blog are my greatest contribution to the online community. To be able to share your experiences and thoughts with others in order to encourage both emotional, spiritual, personal and professional growth is one of the keys to successful living. This blog will be a testament to two things; the power of fashion and our ability to inspire change. I hope you will all join me as I embark on this journey – Dmitri.